Murshidabad, the last capital city of independent Bengal was named after Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, the Dewan of Bengal

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Hotel Anwesha | Murshidabad, Lalbagh

Success - the word has different meanings to all of us. For some, it involves money, for others accumulations of desired assets and yet others emotional fulfillment in their personal and business relationships Or perhaps all of the above. However there is most certainly a universal common denominator and that is, the all encumbering, passionately focused, positive mindset that successful people invariably have.

Successful people do have some amount of luck on their side but luck comes only with tremendous hard work and a vision for the future. You are what you think about if you think big you grow big.  Hotel Anwesha's story proves the point more than adequately. Hotel Anwesha's founder, as he is better known, has proved that belief in oneself, trust in one’s ability and uncompromising hard work in life is a recipe to Achieve anything. Sky is the limit.

He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Far from it in fact.

Life was not easy for the little man who was called on to handle the most boring or unwanted jobs. He kept his chin up and dream alive. One day he was going to build the empire in the hotel business.

The hotel industry lured him.

Hotel Anwesha's founder worked day and night to pave way for his dream venture. This time the entrepreneur did not hesitate to serve as a waiter and then went to become a Captain and further climbed as Restaurant Manager. In the Process he made good contacts and cultivated relationships that came to good use one day with the local authorities and Government. His people skills were in born.

Hotel Anwesha is his first hotel. He put extreme efforts day and night, created his own team and profitably managed the hotel which earned him more monetary reserves.

Under the direct leadership of Hotel Anwesha's Founder, the group grew from strength to strength in the mid segment hotel market with Food and Beverage outlets. His passion for offering good dining, good entertainment, good service at good value for money earned him a great success in this field.

Hotel Anwesha's founder is a down to earth human who welcomes every one with open arms and shares his experience and success with his team, fellows and his guests. He cares for his organisation and his people to grow together as The Family…